Song of the week#8

Hi guys and girls,

It’s your teacher again.

This week’s song is by an American not-so-indies-now rock band called The Kings of Leon. I didn’t use to like the song at first but after dozen times of hearing it on the radio, it started to grow on me and now I just can’t stop. I’m not usually into this type of vocal but it’s what makes them unique.

What is even better than the song itself is the fact that it has been covered by hundreds of people on youtube and I got to be honest, I prefer some of them to the original. Anyhow, you’ve got to give the credits to the band, right? So here we are.

To prevent the misunderstanding, the sentence “You know that I could use somebody” in the chorus is a way of saying that “You know that I need someone.” On the other hand, the singer is playing with the word “use” because it might also mean that he just wants to take advantage of that someone to end his loneliness. So this guy is probably a heartbreaker.

Use Somebody



Click below to learn some interesting vocabulary.


roam (v.)  travel from one place to another

countless (adj.)  too many to be counted

undercover (v.)  hide your real identity

live it up  (v.)  have fun, enjoy yourself

waging war  (n.)  starting a war

poet  (n.)  someone who writes poems

beat  (n.)  rhythm in music


Such a simple song really.  Hope you’all like it.

Ajarn In


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